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Focused on precision engineering

 Novotech, Inc. is a premier vertically integrated global provider of high quality materials, lenses, lens assemblies and services for the mid wave (MWIR) and long wave (LWIR) infrared optical markets.

 Since 1996, we have supplied electro-optic materials and services for OEM lens manufacturers and semiconductor applications. Our diverse customer base spans the commercial, consumer, industrial, defense, aerospace and homeland security markets.

 Novotech is particularly suited to offering engineering support and competitively priced highly customized products in low to mid-ranged volumes. US-based, our infrared divisions operate out of Acton, Massachusetts, and in Lakeside, Arizona.

Infrared germanium is our core materials product, stocked in substantial inventories from ingots to polished or coated optics. Our competitive position comes from the knowledge gained from over 15 years of experience in the germanium business. Novotech recycles and upgrades germanium. This allows us to offer you more competitive prices. We are strategically positioned for fast turnaround and delivery.

Novotech’ s polishing facility can work with your customer supplied materials, or ours, to provide a full range of customized services from slicing to CNC polishing. With our crystal growth, fabrication and coating capabilities we offer a depth of experience and invaluable resource which can be

applied to your programs.

List of Novotech’ s capabilities:





Curve Generating

Truncation and shaping



Diamond Turning


4 Saida edgers 

Optipro SX150 5 axis CNC system

4 Roger & Clark G 150

1 Sadia Automatic Edger

1 Sadia Automatic generator

5 STC ID saws

7 PR Hoffman PR1 Lap & polish systems

Optipro PX200 CNC polisher

1 Precitech Optimum 2400

1 Precitech 250ULTRA


Material & Optics Performance Metrology

Jandel RM3000 Four Point Probe

Resistivity checker

N or P Type checker

Perkin Elmer FTIR 1600 Spectrophotomer

Olympus Nomarsky Microscope

Mechanical & Optical Metrology

Drop gauges



Centration Inspection stations

ABTech multi-axes centration Inspection station

Handheld Schneider Spherometers

MIL-STD Scratch/Dig inspection booth

Optipro Ultracurve High precision spherometer

Dorsey 14" optical digital comparator

Intellium Z100 ESDI Interferometer

Precitech 250U Ultracomp surface profiler

Taylor Hobson FORM Talysurf S5 Surface profiler


Novotech also offer, now, a line of LWIR lens products under the Ocelot™ name. . All Novotech lenses are available with diamond-like or hard carbon coatings to preserve their optical performance. Novotech Ocelot™ lens assemblies can be manufactured in multiple FOV.

Starting just with designs conceived on most widely used CAD programs, such as Zemax, SolidWorks, Code V, or AutoCAD, Novotech can help take your designs from concept to finished product. Designs may be with fixed, manual, or motorized focusing.

Novotech is ITAR and ISO9001-2008 compliant and certified.